Good things to have come from World War Two?

A few things happened last week that have brought some light to the quest for more knowledge on World War two. I have learnt two extraordinary things about the war outside of films this week. Both of which are GOOD things to have come out of the conflict. I had never really considered that good things could have come out of the war. But I guess change must mean progress in some scenarios.

The first was at the Science Museum where I learned that the Nazi’s developed the technology that the Americans then used to build the first rockets that went to space. This advanced technology rigorously pursued by the Nazi’s as a weapon of war, was key in the development of our knowledge of the nature of the universe. Extraordinary.

The second was during a walking tour of the city of London. The blitz bombings that took place in the city revealed thousands of year’s worth of history to us under the surface of the ground. Because London was originally built on mud, it has quite weak foundations. So, when a new building is built, the old buildings are knocked down and we build on the rubble, giving slightly more solid foundation than the layer before. This then means we are sitting roughly 18 feet or 6 metres higher than Roman London (who knew?). The blitz bombings exposed parts of Roman city wall we never knew were there before, by destroying the layers of rubble to expose the structure beneath. Again, extraordinary.

Also, did anyone know that Hitler was a vegetarian? Fact from Dave Gorman. Cheers Dave.


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